Obtaining the source

tkchat is maintained as a module in the tcllib sourceforge project and requires jabberlib from the coccinella project. At this time tkchat requires a specific version of jabberlib but work is ongoing to update to current released versions from the coccinella project.

A simple method to obtain the source in a usable form is to download the starkit package and then to unwrap it. The bin/ subdirectory contains a CVS export of the tkchat cvs module and can be replaced in-toto with a checkout from the CVS repository. Using this method ensures you have all the necessary tcllib and jabberlib package versions. This is in fact how it is developed and to make a release the current working vfs tree is simply wrapped into a starkit.

CVS Repository

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@tcllib.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/tcllib co -d tkchat tclapps/apps/tkchat
For further information about using the CVS repository see the sourceforge notes

Bugs and patches

Bug tracker
Patch tracker
In both trackers select category app:tkchat